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Please take a closer look: Our Brochure (PDF-FILE)
Seven Stars and Stripes® Awards are not only a well deserved recognition for the establishments, companies or individuals which are receiving them, but also a wonderful marketing tool.

Additional Samples:
Boulevard Magazine "Oberoi Mauritius" (PDF - FILE)
Boulevard Magazine "Schloessle" (PDF - FILE)
Boulevard Magazine "Alchymist" (PDF - FILE)
Forest Republic Magazine (PDF: Page 2 & 3 'Spanish' &
Page 4 & 5 'English')
Boulevard Magazine "TABACON": (PDF: Page1 & Page2)
Boulevard Magazine "The Rittenhouse": (PDF - FILE)
"The Scorpions" & Seven Stars and Stripes: (JPG - FILE)
Social Life Magazine - Spring 2008: Cover & Article
Boulevard Magazine "Town House Galleria" (PDF - FILE)
Boulevard Magazine "Emirates Palace - UAE" (PDF - FILE)
Boulevard Magazine "Grand Hotel Europe" (JPG - FILE)! Magazine April 2007: (JPG - FILE)
Vietnam: Ho-Chi-Minh City - Jan 2007: (JPG - FILE)
Grand Journal 2006 / 2007: (JPG - FILE)
U.A.E.: Khaleej Times Oct 2006: (JPG - FILE)
Culinary News of the World Sep 2006: (JPG - FILE)
Kempinski Year Book 2005: (JPG - FILE)
Dans Hampton's Magazine Sep 2005: (JPG - FILE)
Tessiner Newspaper May 2005: (PDF - FILE)
Social Life Magazine - Seven Stars And Stripes
Please take a closer look (PDF - FILE)
Finest Finance! Magazine - Seven Stars And Stripes
Please take a closer look (JPG - FILE)
The New York Hamptonite - Magazine CLICK & FLIP >
Here are just a few examples of establishments that are using the PR power of their
Seven Stars and Stripes® Awards:
Please CLICK on the PICTURE BELOW - to see an extra PHOTO TOUR
2008 - Award-Hand-Out - Kempinski Corvinus Hotel Budapest
2008 Kempinski Hotel Corvinus - Seven Stars and Stripers® - Award-Hand-Out
at the Museum of Fine Arts - Budapest (PHOTO TOUR - CLICK HERE)
Thorsten B�hrmann - Costa Rica - TV
Costa Rica - National TV (PHOTO TOUR - CLICK HERE)
Len Berman & Barry Kay at NBC
Len Berman & Seven Stars and Stripes VP Barry Kay at NBC
Each Seven Stars and Stripes® Review is also featured on TripAdvisor
(Sample: Hotel Rialto - Warsaw):
  • "The Rialto Hotel In Warsaw," Seven Stars and Stripes® The fabulous art deco Hotel Rialto is only one reason why Warsaw's architecture is sublime.

  • "Hot Hotels: Hotel Rialto," / Condé Nast Traveler, May 2004 In a city of chain hotels, this Art Deco boutique property is in a class by itself.

  • "You don’t have to pay big bucks to sleep in style," / Times Newspapers Ltd., May 25, 2003

  • You can have your cake and eat it too when staying at one of these affordable hotels. "Hot Off the Bloc," Travel + Leisure, March 2005 Warsaw is coming into its own as a European tourist destination.

  • "Warsaw in Bloom: Places & Prices," / Condé Nast Traveler, December 2004 Modern buildings, cultural venues, restaurants and hotels embody this city's sense of new life, while older establishments are reminders of darker times.

  • "Out of the darkness," Business Traveller, September 2004 Warsaw is beginning to shed its bad reputation with some stylish hotels, bars and restaurants.

  • "Chips off the old bloc," / The Guardian, August 2, 2003 Head for these Eastern Europe hot spots for the best in luxury accommodations, beaches, shopping and nightlife.

  • "48 hours in Warsaw,", December 13, 2003 Warsaw offers great shopping, eating and architectural sight-seeing.
Forte Village - Award-Hand-Out - Sardinia, Italy
Forte Village - Award-Hand-Out - Sardinia, Italy
Daniela Zanette - Villa Aminta
Daniela Zanetta - Villa Aminta - Stresa Italy
About Seven Stars and Stripes®
Global Awards

"Too many five stars out there", says Mr. Thorsten Buehrmann the founder of this unique method of recognizing the best that life has to offer. The rich, the famous and the affluent travelers of the world agree.

Seven Stars and Stripes® is the brainchild of handsome entrepreneur, connoisseur and gourmet, Thorsten Buehrmann. He is an expert in global market development with an emphasis on luxury hospitality and cuisine. Mr. Buehrmann was simply too often disappointed on his frequent travels with, what he considers, ‘antiquated and overrated’ hotel and restaurant recognitions.
Mr. Buehrmann founded Seven Stars and Stripes® as the only global award system of its kind that goes beyond the established norm, carefully perceiving and discerning the proper level of quality in luxury hospitality and cuisine – on location only. Mr. Buehrmann and his reviewer teams are backed up by the highly respected expertise of the Seven Stars and Stripes Advisory Board. Drawing on decades of experience, the carefully selected Seven Stars and Stripes Advisory Board members advises the mission driven Seven Stars and Stripes management and their teams worldwide.
About the Seven Stars and Stripes Advisory Board. These carefully chosen distinctive members are a global network of experts who have agreed to give the Seven Stars and Stripes Foundation meaningful input on a regular basis in many different areas, including organizational development, policy, and they may suggest establishments that deserve the outmost recognition. Their abilities, experience, and knowledge represents the vision of the ultimate global recognition, Seven Stars and Stripes.
Sjefke Jansen - 2007 The Oberoi Mauritius
GM Sjefke Jansen - The Oberoi Mauritius
The Board advises in all affairs; sometimes questions will be directed at the whole group, sometimes individuals are consulted. They share an active dialog with the management of Seven Stars and Stripes. They are chosen not as a ‘list of highly recognizable names’, but as a group of people that the Seven Stars and Stripes teams interacts and consults with regularly.
Hotel Eden Roc - Seven Stars and Stripes Award Hand Out
Hotel Eden Roc - Ascona, Switzerland
Dear Thorsten and Jonny

What a wonderful time we spent together while you where at the EDEN ROC. I will never forget the champagne sabrage on our private Yacht just when the sun went down....
Whenever I need to motivate myself I visit the Seven Stars and Stripes® site with our wonderful review and the greatest smile in this world comes back to my face! You did just an incredible good job on this and we are proud that you liked our hotel so much.

We wish you all the best for the future and remain

with warmest regards from sunny Switzerland


Marco Buerlimann, Resort Manager
HOTEL EDEN ROC - Ascona / Switzerland
Lacroix Restaurant - Award-Hand-Out - Philadelphia, USA
Lacroix Restaurant - Award-Hand-Out - Philadelphia, USA
Caravelle Hotel - Saigon, Vietnam - 23rd of January 2007
Caravelle Hotel - Saigon, Vietnam
Grand Hotel Europe - Seven Stars and Stripes Award Hand Out
Grand Hotel Europe - St. Petersburg, Russia
Grand Hotel Parco dei Principi - Seven Stars and Stripes Award Hand Out
Grand Hotel Parco dei Principi - Rome, Italy
Baltschug Kempinski - Seven Stars and Stripes Award Hand Out
Hotel Baltschug Kempinski - Moscow, Russia
Award: Tabacon Grand SPA Thermal Resort
Award: Tabacon Grand SPA Thermal Resort
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SriLankan Airlines
SriLankans Airbus A330 Business Class accommodations appeared wide and spacious, with the comfortable light brown full-flatbed leather chairs that are now available on many long-haul flights. From this point our outbound business flight experience was nothing short of pleasant...
Emirates Airlines
Each suite has an electric sliding door, a personal mini-bar, modifiable ambiance lighting to dim the glitter of the gold accents and a large touch screen entertainment center with an additional wireless control screen unit that allows adjusting seat and light functions as well...
Swiss International Air Lines
Check-in was most pleasant and quick with barely any waiting time and my Rimowa suitcases were checked-in with priority. I was graciously welcomed onboard and the flight attendants quickly offered to take my long winter coat and stow it properly. Swiss International Business Class has special knobs with wooden hangers for jackets at every seat...

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